Kiria Koula presents contemporary art and ideas via two independent but equally important platforms: a gallery and a bookstore.

The gallery features new work by national and international emerging and mid-career artists and provides them with a platform for discussions around it.

The bookstore highlights the artist's role as researcher and thinker, rather than exclusively as producer of objects. In this context, artists are invited to bring in their current research interest, which they map via a selection of books and a public lecture, and further develop through a series of written and visual contributions.

As a business and a platform for experimentation and critical thinking, Kiria Koula intends to encourage a dialogue between both the economic and the cultural capital of art today.

While the work exhibited and the selection of books are for sale, we are also committed to provoking challenging and meaningful conversations offering a program of free lectures and events with scholars, cultural producers, and writers from the Bay Area and elsewhere.

Leticia Vilalta
Rodrigo Peñafiel
Investors & Co-Founders

Juana Berrío
Artistic Director & Co-Founder

Tania Butterworth
Gallery Assistant

Julie Peeters, Scott Ponik

Zack Davis
Web Developer

Kiria Koula: Gallery & Bookstore

3148 22nd Street
San Francisco, CA
94110 USA

(415) 872-9233

and by appointment

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