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A 60 inch 4K Samsung TV costs $1,899.95.

Three 60 sq. inch works are presented on the floor. Their upper surface expresses properties of weight, pressure and clarity that hold the lower parts in place, while also bringing ambient reflections into play. Sandwiched between this upper and the supporting MDF base is a mid layer: a divided image made with the manual pressure that’s required to push paint through a mesh.

This interior layer shows a composition of marks found on the skin of my body, recomposed in halftone. The larger marks are bruises left by a health treatment that uses suction to promote circulation - the claim being that better circulation will bring sustained energy levels, and with it (one might infer) increased productivity. Suction is the inverse of massage but both use the surface of the skin to apply pressure on the tissues, muscles and organs beneath.

It shall be unlawful for the owner of any real property within the City and County bearing graffiti to allow the graffiti to remain.

Charles Bernstein has written about "'absorption' & its obverses – / impermeability, imperviousness, ejection, / repellance – both as a compositional question / & as / a reading value". To which we should add value in the political sense: if, for example, by absorption we mean the integration of the entrepreneurial class into a traditionally working class neighborhood, then the absorption of one would mean the displacement of the other.

A 2-bed in the Mission currently costs over $4000 per month.

The photogram was made from inside the gallery. At night, photo paper was pressed against the windows and exposed by streetlight. The acid-etched residues of graffiti are bruises absorbed into the glass: remnants of marks thrown out, against this boundary, from the street.

Constructed from an accumulation of structural and physical pressures, these works reflect and reflect on the absorptive/antiabsorptive relation between bodies and their enclosing contexts; the surpluses incurred as things pass through or over surfaces.

PLB 09/03/15

Patricia L Boyd (born 1980, London, UK) lives and works in San Francisco, CA. Recent solo exhibitions and projects include TG, Nottingham, UK (2015); YEARS, Copenhagen (2014, with Rachal Bradley); Modern Art Oxford, UK (2014); OHI0, Glasgow, UK (2013); Frieze Film Commission (2013); Cubitt Gallery, London (2013); The Vanity, Los Angeles (2012). Boyd has exhibited internationally in group shows including Representative Politics and the Politics of Representation, Steirischer Herbst, Graz (2014); Dependency, Gasworks, London (2014); and the 12th Lyon Biennale, France (2013) among others. She is currently the recipient of a moving image commission from EMPAC, Troy, NY, and will have a solo exhibition at Jan Kaps gallery, Cologne, in October 2015.

Kiria Koula: Gallery & Bookstore



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